Full List of Calibration Services

Calibration List

STS performs the following types of calibrations. If your specific calibration is not listed, please call us. Check out our scope of work by clicking on the A2LA icon.

Calibration & Testing FAQs

  • Standard Lamp Calibration for Luminous Intensity
  • Detector/ Photometer Electrical and Color Correction Calibration
  • Reflex Projector calibration for color temperature at current and focus
  • Calibration of Total Luminous Flux
  • Vertical Photometer color temperature, current/voltage, and detector system calibration
  • CCD-based spectrometer verification and correction factors
  • Filtered Colorimeter Spectral Maintenance/ Calibration/ Correction Factors
  • Power Supply Voltage/ Current Accuracy Verification Calibration
  • Goniometer Angular Alignment Verification/ Clarification
  • Illuminance Meter Calibration
  • Chromaticity Meter Calibration
  • Optical Power Meter/ PicoAmmeter Electrical Calibration
  • Color Filtered Correction Factor for Luminance/ Illuminance/ Photometers
  • LED correction Factor for Luminance/ Illuminance/ Photometers
  • Integrating Sphere Detector Calibration
  • Resistance Meter Calibration
  • Calibration of Total Radiant Flux
  • Luminance Meter Multi-Point
  • Calibration of Correlated Color Temperature
  • Luminance Plaque (Photometric BDRF) Calibration
  • Luminance/ Radiance Plaque (Spectral BDRF) Calibration
  • Calibration of Accurate Rated Bulbs for filament and Total Luminous Flux Maintenance
  • Wavelength Calibration
  • Detector Filter Spectral Response, 380nm-780nm/ 350nm-1000nm
  • Integrating Sphere Luminance Source Calibration
  • AC Power Meter Calibration
  • Reference Source Spectral Power Distribution Calibration, 380nm-780nm/ 350nm-1000nm
  • Transmission/Luminance Source/ Illuminance Source Characterization - CCT at current Chromaticity with Spectral Data
  • Calibration of Spectral Irradiance Reference Standard (based on STS NIST traceable calibrated standard OR based on NIST calibrated primary standard)
  • Headlamp Aiming Device Luminous Intensity Verification/ Calibration
  • Calibration of CCD Camera