STS Attends The Driving Vision News US Workshop

Light Box Display

Members of the STS team recently attended the Driving Vision News (DVN) US Workshop held in Rochester, Michigan. During the workshop STS was able to display and model our Visual Optical Aim Photometer (VOA-100) and also reveal and model our latest Automated Goniophotometer, the AP-24.

The AP-24 is our latest product to bring to market. This is a cost effective product option for manufacturers of smaller parts. The testing capabilities include, all varieties of signal lighting, small forward lighting devices, as well as, sub modules of larger devices. The AP-24 is portable enough for small engineering groups to share as it has a compact footprint and does not require a permanent residence as our larger Automated Goniophotometers do. This product continues to provide high speed data acquisition.

The VOA-100 is a precision CCD camera based photometer. Its design gives comparable photometric values to a goniophotometer with a high degree of repeatability and long term accuracy. This product is able to aim headlamps, measure and record gradient value, cut-off position, total lumens of lamp and more. The VOA-100 can measure lamps on the vehicle for performance based testing, as well as, individual lamp assemblies.

N.I.S.T. Tour


N.I.S.T should be more selective about
who gets to touch their nice test equipment!

Sapphire Technical Solutions Hosted a Trip to N.I.S.T. for the SAE Lighting Group

The SAE recently held its Automotive Lighting Committee meetings in Arlington, VA April 18-21, 2016. Many of the meetings were on the typical topics of automotive exterior lighting rules and regulations, but there were a few highlights. The group held a forum on flashing light testing which welcomed guests from N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) that included Dr. Yoshi Ohno and Dr. Cameron Miller from the Optical Radiation group. In addition, guests from Consumer Reports (Jennifer Stockburger) and IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety – Matthew Brumbelow) participated in discussions of new methods of measuring vehicle lighting performance that more closely match a customer’s perception of vehicle lgihting’s safety and comfort compared to traditional laboratory methods alone.

In addition, the participants in the meetings were invited to take a tour of N.I.S.T, specifically in the regions of the material sciences and additionally, of course, optical radiation (basically the study of light for all of us that don’t make photometers and radiometers for a living!) The Center for Automotive Lightweighting (NCAL) showed the group the techniques used in measuring materials such as aluminum and magnesium for their ability to be used instead of heavier materials such as today’s typical steel-based vehicles. The Optical Radiation group showed us their studies on human perceptions of color, measurement of efficiency in new lights sources such as LED home lighting products, and the more detailed testing of photometers, reference light sources, and retroreflectors.

All in all, the group seemed to have a good time, and only 3 people got left behind. (We did go back and pick them up!)

Dear Mike & Ron,

On behalf of the SAE Lighting Systems Group I am writing to express sincere appreciation for organizing the tour to NIST and for sponsoring the transportation to and from the event during our meetings last week in Arlington.

The NIST tour was very interesting and educational for all (pictures attached). The bus transportation was comfortable and convenient and provided the participants with a nice opportunity to share their impressions and experiences while returning to the hotel.

I want to especially thank Ron for managing the day-to-day details of the tour organization including the collection of all the required information for the participants to gain access to the NIST grounds.

Our warm appreciation goes to You and the Sapphire staff for organizing this event. You set a new standard for organizing an event in conjunction with our SAE week!

Bart Turberg, Chairman, SAE Lighting Systems Group