STS Hardware

Sapphire Technical Solutions provides parts and technical services for legacy and non-STS equipment. Our engineers have extensive experience building and repairing goniophotometers and other types of apparatus.

We also provide N.I.S.T. Accredited Standard Lamps. Additionally, STS provides a wide range of calibration services. Please look at our calibrations tab for more specifications. STS equipment meets N.I.S.T standards.


1. What is your response time to service calls?

We typically supply internet support instantly from 8 - 5pm, M-F. If we determine a component needs replacement and it’s a stock item, it will be sent overnight if appropriate. If we need to come out for a service call, typically we can come within 1 - 2 days depending on the current schedule with other clients.

2. What is included in the annual maintenance fee (Updates, phone support, annual upgrades)?

The annual maintenance fee includes remote internet support, phone support, periodic software updates as needed, and holding of spare parts that typically are long lead-time items from the original manufacturers.

3. How does your ongoing training program operate?

As new concepts or testing requirements are implemented in the software, we continue to support the operators as they acclimate to the system. We also provide training by phone and internet for newer operators, etc. who have gone through your company training but still have questions.

4. Under the service agreement, would our maintenance department be able to service the goniometer without voiding warranty/service agreement?

The goniometer has few "user-serviceable" parts, and anything that is not authorized implicitly by STS would void the agreement. We typically have very few requests for any changes to the system that actually are a part of the system itself, but if it does arise, we will be happy to work with you on it.

5. Can we purchase an extended warranty plan?

We can discuss it, but currently we do not have one in place at this time.