AP-60 Goniophotometer

Download Specifications for AP-60HD


The AP-60HD is the main component of an automated photometer system. It is a heavy duty automated machine capable of positioning a 60 inch lamp and testing fixture. The automated photometer system accurately measures:

  • SAE, ECE, JIS, FMVSS108, TSD108 (Canada), and other automotive exterior lighting regulations
  • Forward lighting, signal lighting, retro-reflex, and other custom testing
  • Commercial Lighting with optional mirror for Type-C testing
  • FAA and ICAO aerospace and airport lighting regulations
  • Beam distributions and bird’s eye plots for beam pattern analysis
  • User’s ability to create custom testing requirements
  • Networking and Data Storage using .html and .pdf formats for simple file retrieval and sharing
  • Optional Modular Room and Vertical Tunnel for production floor installations