STS Photometers

STS manufactures photometers in-house and can customize them to meet our clients' needs. STS can alter the structural dimensions of the machine (within reason) as well as the its' automation.

We currently have three standard photometers.

Please contact us to discuss your specifications. At Sapphire, we encourage research and development and are always looking for new challenges.

STS offers support and training for all of the systems we sell. We store spare parts and provide remote assistance. Please contact our team members for additional information.

Photo-100 VP-100 (Vertical Photometer) VOA-100 Photometer (Visual Optical Aid)


Download Specifications for Photo-100


The PHOTO-100 Series of extremely accurate Ethernet data servers apply a very precise silicon sensor, precision amplifier system, scaling network, and on-board computer, producing digital photometric measurements under control of its host. It supports a wide measurement and dynamic range spanning 5 milli-cd to 5 mega-cd @ 100ft ( 30.5 meters ) in six-decades. It supports standard 100base-T Ethernet, and utilizes a wide range of accessories and attachments for a wide range of applications. The photometer module is powered with Direct Current to reduce the effects of conducted electrical noise.

VP-100 (Vertical Photometer)

Download Specifications for VP-100

  • Vertical reflex photometer and retro-reflex comparator
  • 20 feet testing distance
  • Approximate measurements to national and international
  • Pass/Fail verification for in-line testing
  • Full-featured operating and calibrating software with graphical user interface
  • Built-in long-term statistical analysis, saving, and printing
  • Flexible data exporting for third party applications
  • Small footprint of 60" x 48" (15’ high)
  • NIST Traceable calibration transfer standards

VOA-100 Photometer (Visual Optical Aim)

Download Specifications for VOA-100


Our Visual Optical Aim Photometer meets the requirements in J2382.

The Visual Optical Aim Photometer is a precision CCD camera-based photometer. It is designed to give comparable photometric values to a goniophotometer with a high-degree of repeatability and long-term accuracy. It has the ability to aim headlamps, measure and record gradient value, cut-off position, total lumens of lamp (in projected area), etc.

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