System Alignment

As with any calibrations which may create down time of your equipment, we request that you work closely with our Lab Manager to minimize that time. If you have selected "off-site calibration," our Lab Manager will work to coordinate the calibration of the detectors and projector to coincide with the on-site visit to your facility to minimize down time as much as possible.

In addition to the on-site Angular Verification/ Calibration, STS offers System Alignment services. The System Alignment consists of the following:

Option 1

This option is tailored to anyone that may not have the experience of re-installing and alignning the detectors and reflex projector after receiving the items back from calibration. The detectors and projector would be removed from the tree by your company and sent to STS for calibration. Upon return of the items to your facility, an STS representative would visit your facility to re-install and align the detectors and projector. The detectors and projector would be aligned to the center of the goniophotometer, then the goniophotometer would be aligned to the detector(s)/ projector. The Angular Verification/Calibration would be performed in the same visit.

Option 2

STS verifies/ sets the alignment of the goniophotometer to the detector(s)/ projector then performs the Angular Verification/Calibration.