automotive light testing


At Sapphire, we have been committed to the meeting the evolving needs of our customers in the automotive industries. Working with over 25 automotive industry manufacturers in the U.S. and globally since our inception, we have an intensive knowledge of regulatory requirements for automotive light testing. As the only light testing equipment manufacturer in the U.S. to serve both as a committee member on the SAE and delegate on the GTB, we are committed to understanding regulatory standards for light testing. Furthermore, our goal is to be the leading industry voice on the topics of light safety and efficiency in lighting and photometric systems.

sts products for automotive applications

All of our products began in service to automotive applications. Today, the products we design, manufacture and customize most frequently for our automotive customers include the following:

Pictured: STS AP-60 goniophotometer

Pictured: STS AP-60 goniophotometer


need customized automotive light testing equipment for your application? we can help.