Light Sources

advanced light projector systems

Projectors produce a controllable intensity spot for a wide range of testing applications. Our models include cooling options, as well as a range of lenses and illumination sources. Current models have been developed to fit a wide range of standardized applications and are customizable and certifiable to meet other needs as may be required for specialized applications.

Standard Lamps

STS has been manufacturing standard lamps since 2005. STS is accredited for the calibration of standard lamps. Read below for more information on our standard lamp calibration procedures.



The LS-100 Series are a family of high performance, uniform projecting light sources for use in retro-reflex testing. These devices can be incorporated in a large variety of test measurement systems including:

  • Goniophotometers used in SAE, ECE, JIS, FMVSS108, TSD108 (Canada), and other automotive exterior lighting regulations for retro-reflex requirements

  • Vertical Photometers/ Comparators for production line retro-reflex inspection

  • Retro-reflex color compliance testing and other custom testing


Standard Lamps

All you need to tell us is what the lamp will be used for so we can determine if the lamp needs to be calibrated for:

  • Total Luminous Flux

  • Total Radiant Flux

  • Luminous Intensity

  • Radiant Intensity

  • Spectral Radiance

Also, let us know whether you have a preference in the manufacturer of the bulb and the expected wattage and outputs.

We have made lamps to calibrate multiple equipment types depending on the amount of testing/calibrating you will be doing.

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