Camera-Based Photometry

integrated camera technology for faster data processing

Within the last few years, the rise of camera-based photometry has captured the attention of industry leaders. The ability to take an image during testing to capture multiple data points within a matter of seconds has proven a viable option in certain photometric applications. At Sapphire, we have designed our VOA-100 as a precision camera-based photometer, enabling our customers to receive faster data for testing with comparable accuracy and repeatability to the data collected by our goniophotometers.

We also offer the VOA-160, a portable system, the VOA-400, a system designed for production floor/factory line integration, and a VOA add-on option for our AP systems. Additionally, the VOA-520 is a system used for light-pipe testing and a variety of other applications.

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VOA Systems (Visual Optical Aim)


A precision camera-based photometer designed to give comparable photometric values to a goniophotometer with a high degree of repeatability and long-term accuracy.  Designed for capturing photometric data from headlamps installed on a vehicle.  The system is able to aim headlamps, measure and record gradient value, cut-off position, total lumens of lamp (in projected area) and more.  Wide angle availability allows for subsequent data analysis and processing (including Consumer Reports and IIHS predictions) using the included BeamScale HF software.


A highly-portable precision camera-based photometer system designed to be able to provide highly accurate and repeatable aiming data in the field. Download VOA-160 Spec Sheet.


COMING SOON! A precision camera-based photometer add-on for our goniophotometer systems allowing for much quicker aiming and high-resolution beam distribution capabilities.


A precision camera-based photometer designed for high-speed, accurate photometry on the production floor with factory line integration. It includes a fully calibrated +/- 5 degree L/R and U/D field of view and allows for live aiming as well as pass/fail determination using customizable scripts that are interchangeable with our goniophotometer systems. Download VOA-400 Spec Sheet.

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