technology leadership is our strong suit

Setting out to be a leader in lighting applications for the automotive, aerospace and marine industries was no small venture. We began as a one-man operation in 2005, with the vision of becoming a software powerhouse within our field.

We now market a range of highly-customized light measurement equipment and supporting software to our customers across the globe.

Pictured: STS AP-60 goniophotometer

Pictured: STS AP-60 goniophotometer


hardware overview

Expanding beyond our initial goniophotometer concept from 2005, we now offer a wide range of lighting applications, from light sources to photometers and other specialized measurement devices.

Our product list includes

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software overview

Sapphire’s origins began in software engineering, and this area of our business remains the driving force of our innovation. Our team of software engineers and developers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible within our hardware applications.

Our software applications support the operation of each of our machines. We have developed proprietary software to use with each of our photometry systems. We licence software on an annual basis with the purchase of equipment and can accommodate custom needs as well.

Visit our software page for more information on our various applications.

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