custom photometric systems

As with our goniophotometers, STS designs and manufactures all of our photometers in-house. We customize to suit the specialized needs of our customers such as certain structural dimensions and automation.

We currently have three standard photometers, the Photo-100 and the VP-100. To learn more about our camera-based photometry systems, check out our VOA-100 (Visual Optical Aim).


Photo-100 1.JPG

The PHOTO-100 Series of extremely accurate Ethernet data servers apply a very precise silicon sensor, precision amplifier system, scaling network, and on-board computer, producing digital photometric measurements under control of its host.

It supports a wide measurement and dynamic range spanning 5 milli-cd to 5 mega-cd @ 100ft ( 30.5 meters ) in six-decades. It supports standard 100base-T Ethernet, and utilizes a wide range of accessories and attachments for a wide range of applications. The photometer module is powered with Direct Current to reduce the effects of conducted electrical noise.


VP-100 (Vertical Photometer)

The VP-100 is vertical reflex photometer and retro-reflex comparator that supports the following testing:

  • 20 feet testing distance

  • Approximate measurements to national and international

  • Pass/Fail verification for in-line testing

  • Full-featured operating and calibrating software with graphical user interface

  • Built-in long-term statistical analysis, saving, and printing

  • Flexible data exporting for third party applications

  • Small footprint of 60" x 48" (15’ high)

  • NIST Traceable calibration transfer standards

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