Lab & Testing

1. What type of calibrations can STS perform?

STS can perform any calibration listed on our website. STS will not perform calibrations or testing for direct competitors. Our capabilities can be used for research and development of new methods for calibration and testing. You can always send us an RFQ.

2. Will I be advised of repairs beforehand?

Prior to making any repairs outside of the quote, you will be contacted by an STS representative.

3. What is the turn-around time?

Each calibration is unique and will be discussed during the quotation process. Our lab calibrates and tests a high volume of equipment. It is advised to call STS weeks prior to the expiration date of your equipment calibration. If necessary, STS can expedite equipment at an additional cost.

4. Do you require a PO before any work can be scheduled?

Pre-payment or credit card is required for payment. PO is optional but recommended for specific detail about your equipment.

5. What are your payment terms?

For calibration and testing, STS requires payment when the equipment is ready to be shipped. Calibration Certificates will be issued upon receipt of payment.

6. Are all calibrations performed by STS Laboratory ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited?


7. Does data come with the certificate of calibration?

Yes, all reports come with the data from the test of taken during the calibration.

8. Are calibration standards traceable to NIST?


9. Who determines the calibration cycle?

Testing equipment should be calibrated annually, but it is essentially left up to the customer.