from humble beginnings to global leadership

Sapphire Technical Solutions began as a vision of founder, Michael Piscitelli, to design fully-custom light measuring applications for customers across the globe. For over a decade prior to starting Sapphire, Piscitelli worked as a leading product, software and electrical engineer, directly interfacing with customers installing photometric testing systems in their industries. In 2006, Piscitelli saw the need for more highly customized equipment on the market and began building custom goniophotometers, running on his own proprietary software. By 2011, only 5 years later, Sapphire had more than tripled its customer base, captured a majority of market share for photometric light testing applications, and built a team right-sized for future growth.

Now, as a global leader in our field, we offer a variety of cost-effective, scalable solutions for photometric and environmental testing across a range of commercial light testing industries. Expanding our reach beyond automotive into marine and aerospace industries, we place the same high value of listening to the unique challenges of our customers and innovating new solutions that lead our industry towards better technology. One of the ways we do this is by being an industry voice for modernization and improved standardization.


A trusted voice in the industry

At Sapphire, we are the only North American manufacturer of automated Photometric test equipment to belong to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International, the leading advisory committee for automotive standards. Additionally, we are proud to be the first US delegate trusted to participate in the GTB Photometry Group as part of the GTB, the The International Automotive Lighting and Light Signalling Expert Group. Our conversations on lawmaking for the UN in Europe have gained the trust of a global audience in our field of expertise, automotive light testing applications.

Our commitment to innovation & customer care

As we continue to expand our reach and broaden the scope of our operations to include some of the most cutting-edge light applications like camera-based photometry, we are devoted to our fundamental goal: serve our customers with the utmost care and consideration through fully-customized design and manufacturing of light testing applications. We firmly believe that as we strive to innovate new solutions and provide ongoing calibration services, we are enabling our customers to deliver on their promises for product safety, reliability and efficiency.

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Our Mission

We develop new, innovative technology to improve the speed and accuracy of light measurement within our customers’ industries. We desire to be the global leader in our field and attract top talent to our team of engineers, scientists, and professionals.

By designing and customizing each and every one of our systems, doing onsite installations and annual onsite calibrations, we work in parallel with our customers, who are using our systems day in and day out.

Memberships & Certifications

  • IEC/ISO-17025 Certified

  • GTB Delegate - Automotive Lighting & Light Signaling Expert Group (EU)

  • SAE Automotive Lighting Committee - Chair of Lighting Standard Practices Committee, Chair of Test Methods and Equipment Committee, & Document Sponsor (J1330, J594, J2041, J600, J2382, J3100, J1373)

  • SAE Aerospace G20 & A20 Committee

  • SPIE - International Society of Optical Engineering

  • IEEE - Institute for Electrical & Electronics Engineers

  • IESNA - Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

  • ANSI - FL1 - Flashlight Standards Committee