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STS Spectro-100, earlier model of the 110

STS Spectro-100, earlier model of the 110

Measuring both wavelength and amplitude of light emitted from a light source, our spectroradiometer support the functionality of other light measurement devices that many of our customers require.

Spectroradiometry applications are supported with apparatus and software in support of quantification tasks as required for compliance testing, as well as primary data collection. Special requirements can be met to cover unique applications as may be defined by unusual circumstances. Normal applications include far-infrared to hard UV.

Our Spectroradiometer meets the requirements in J575 and J578.


The Spectro-110 is a compact, portable spectroradiometer capable of accurately measuring:

  • Luminance, Radiance-License plate lamps, displays, wall surfaces, and screens

  • Illuminance, Irradiance-Lamp intensity, working-surface illumination, light source output Chromaticity “x,y” and “u,v’” coordinates— color chromaticity verification of filtered sources, automotive, aerospace lighting, commercial lighting, SSL, LEDs, etc.

  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

  • Color Rendering Index (CRI)

  • Pass/Fail Criteria for Luminance (Radiance) and Illuminance (Irradiance)

  • Pass/Fail Criteria for Chromaticity in MacAdam Ellipses or Polygons, useful in LED Binning, Testing to Color Specifications, etc.

  • Custom Software available for special applications

Spectro-101, Reflex Color Transmission Tester

The Spectro101 Reflex Color Testing System consists of a uniform, projecting light source combined with a high-accuracy spectroradiometer, our Spectro-100

  • Spectro-100 imitates the 0.2 degree observation angle used in goniometric reflex testing

  • Transmission Filter holder is optional for accurate color plaque spectral transmission testing

  • Extremely fast measurements (less than 5 seconds is typical)

  • Can be used for other custom testing—License Plate Lamp Testing, etc.

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