Lab & Testing

ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratory

Sapphire Technical Solutions is ISO/IEC 17025 certified with full third-party testing capabilities. Our onsite lab testing standards and facilities meet the highest standard for precision instrumentation and testing. We offer our customers onsite calibration services for photometric systems, allowing minimal downtime. In addition to calibration services, STS has the ability for full photometric, radiometric and power efficiency testing.

At Sapphire, we are continually expanding our accreditations to meet our customers’ requirements. Currently, we are accredited for calibration.

View our A2LA scope of accreditation for calibration.

View our A2LA scope of accreditation for mechanical testing.

certified to test standard lamps

We are certified to test standards lamps for the following specifications:

  • Photometry – Intensity, Illuminance, Luminance, Total Luminous Flux, Retro-reflex

  • Spectroradiometry – Radiant intensity, Irradiance, Radiance, Total Radiant Flux, Chromaticity, CCT

  • Environmental – Corrosion, Impact, Abrasion, Chemical, Temperature/Humidity, Dust

Third Party Testing

Sapphire Technical Solutions does primary testing to the requirements of FMVSS/CMVSS 108, UN-ECE, and SAE. We are capable of performing testing within the full list of parameters below for third party systems. If different parameters are necessary, contact our team today to discuss in more detail.

photometric Testing Parameters


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STS AP-60HD Goniophotometer

STS AP-60HD Goniophotometer


Offsite Calibrations

Our priority at Sapphire Technical Solutions is to provide exceptional customer service. When you plan to send equipment to us for calibration, we encourage you to call our Lab Manager to schedule the arrival of your equipment. This will help us provide the best turn around time possible.

System Alignments

As with any calibrations which may create down time of your equipment, we request that you work closely with our Lab Manager to minimize that time. Our Lab Manager will work to coordinate the calibration of the detectors and projector to coincide with the on-site visit to your facility to minimize down time as much as possible.

In addition to the on-site Angular Verification/ Calibration, STS offers System Alignment services. The System Alignment consists of the following: STS verifies/ sets the alignment of the goniophotometer to the detector(s)/ projector then performs the Angular Verification/Calibration.


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